Marble Fixing Guide


Screed and waterproofing of floors must be done to Australian Standards and fully cured before any tiling work commences. We would recommend waterproofing before and after screeding.

Please note that this is a natural stone product.  Colour variation is to be expected and is an intrinsic part of the quality of this natural product.  Please ensure that you mix up your selection of sheets from different boxes to achieve the most pleasing blend - BEFORE FIXING COMMENCES.


Fix tiles on a solid bed of adhesive ensuring that there is a 100% adhesive bed to reduce the risk of water penetration. Do not fix using the spot or dot and dab methods. Use a white adhesive that is suitable for moisture sensitive stone, to minimize the moisture penetration in to the marble. (Such as Ardex X18).

Wet Area Floors and Walls – We would recommend the use of a 10mm notched trowel as not only does this help achieve a 100% adhesive bed but excess adhesive penetrates the holes in the mesh allowing adhesive to fill the bottom half of the joint. This helps to ensure a good bond between tiles, mesh and substrate. Another good practice is to employ the use of a rubber grout float to press the mosaic sheet into the adhesive.


Once fixed apply the first coat of Sealer’s Choice Gold by Aquamix as per manufacturers’ instructions.

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When grouting it is imperative to fill the entire joint with grout, not merely the top 2 or 3mm. Grout needs to be forced into the joint. Once again, this minimizes the risk of water penetration. We also recommend the use of a grout booster in all wet areas to increase flexibility and lessen water permeability. The grout booster needs to be mixed at a ratio of 50% grout booster to 50% clean water. (Ardex Misty Grey grout works very well with the tones of Carrara marble and we also like Ardex Charred Ash or Slate Grey with Pietre Grey marble).  Make sure the grout is completely dry before proceeding to the final seal. 


After ensuring that all grout has been cleaned from the top surface of the marble apply the second coat of Sealer’s Choice Gold by Aquamix over the surface of the tiles and the grout.


For general cleaning of your tiles we would recommend Aqua Mix® Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner.

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Sealing your tiles will help to protect them but we would still be wary of acidic spillages such as red wine or champagne. These need to be cleaned off immediately and refer to the Aqua Mix website if further cleaning is required.