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Carrara Marble Fixing Guide


  • Screed and waterproofing of floors must be done to Australian Standards and fully cured before any tiling work commences.


  • Fix tiles on a solid bed of adhesive ensuring that there is a 100% adhesive bed to reduce the risk of water penetration.  Do not fix using the spot or dot and dab methods. Use a fast setting white adhesive to minimize the moisture penetration in to the marble. (Such as Davco 2 part rapid white adhesive).


  • Once fixed apply the first coat of Stainproof Sealer by Drytreat as per manufacturers’ instructions.


  • When grouting it is imperative to fill the entire joint with grout, not merely the top 2 or 3mm.  Grout needs to be forced into the joint.  Once again, this minimizes the risk of water penetration.  We also recommend the use of a grout booster in all wet areas to increase flexibility and lessen water permeability. The grout booster needs to be mixed at a ratio of 50% grout booster to 50% clean water. (Ardex Misty Grey grout works very well with the tones of Carrara marble).


  • After ensuring that all grout has been cleaned from the top surface of the marble apply the second coat of Stainproof sealer.

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