Celebrating Herringbones - the look of the moment that will last forever!

Celebrating Herringbones - the look of the moment that will last forever!


Herringbone” is a pattern with a distinctive “V” shape. It originated as a weaving pattern (think twill fabric), but herringbone has become a hot pattern for a variety of home designs and styles.

It is a beautiful pattern to incorporate into a space that needs a little extra punch, or a subtle sense of visual “texture,” or anything in between. It’s easy to incorporate herringbone pattern into your décor – from a home’s architecture to its wall art to its textiles.

Carrara marble lends itself to this timeless design and we offer three different sizes giving a variety of effects. 100x50mm, 64x20mm and 48x23mm.

The stunning simplicity of black or white porcelain facilitate the classic design with an incredibly inclusive price tag!

SUBTLETY AND STYLE - Herringbone Carrara Marble

 Carrara Marble  Herringbone Mosaic 64x20mm

 Carrara Marble  Herringbone Mosaic 64x20mm


They went for a double top vanity, black fixtures and herringbone feature wall. Picture: The Block

White basins, black taps and herringbone backdrop gave it a luxe feel. Picture: The Block

CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE PORCELAIN - An inexpensive way of creating the timeless look.

Black Herringbone Mosaic  72x22mm

Matt White Porcelain Herringbone Mosaic

beautiful backsplash tile for kitchen

kitchen backsplash design contributes a lot to the overall appearance of your kitchen

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